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Multi-bureau Implementation

Multi-bureau Implementation

DecisionBureau provides a summarised view of credit data across the Bureaux

Presenting relevant, timely and accurate data to the decision process is crucial if the right decisions are to be made.

DecisionStrategy achieves this via its DecisionBureau component that seamlessly integrates with multiple data sources.

Using the latest XML technology and, where necessary, various legacy protocols, DecisionBureau supports the consumer and commercial interfaces of Experian, Equifax, Transunion and Dun & Bradstreet including the latest identification and verification products. These can be seamlessly brought together in a single business flow that can be controlled by the business user. Calls can also be made to other external and internal data sources and DecisionBureau can also query, update and insert data into databases using stored procedures or XML calls.

For consumer lending, DecisionBureau revolutionises the implementation of multi-bureau through its advanced analytical routines. Working with raw data credit reports rather than the bureau provided coded blocks, DecisionBureau enables multiple UK consumer credit searches to be undertaken which are then de-duplicated and returned as a single consolidated credit report. The uplift in data from selectively taking an additional credit search provides a more complete view of an applicant's credit commitments and therefore enables a more accurate assessment of risk, indebtedness and affordability. 

Deployed either as software on client site or as a managed solution, DecisionBureau will add significant value to your decisioning process.

Multi bureau strategy

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key features

  • Uses raw bureau data
  • Creates a bureau independent decisioning platform
  • Provides a consolidated view of data for underwriters

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