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Decision Engine

Decision Engine

Utilising the latest technology, DecisionStrategy is a new breed of decision engine that offers the highest levels of flexibility in credit strategy configuration and change, the management and control of which is fully in the hands of the User.

Take control of your credit strategy

Clients are under increasing pressure to understand more about their prospective and existing customers and are required to make use of more extensive data sources. This is coupled with the need to react quickly to changing market conditions and to support multiple delivery channels.

Historic decision engines tend to provide limited access to data sources (e.g. one credit bureau) and can be complex, costly and time consuming to change.

The simplest strategy or policy change can require IT involvement and this limits the ability of risk functions to react quickly to support the portfolio owners. Also, extensive IT effort reduces the business benefit for effecting change.

Clients need:

  • The business user to manage and maintain the credit strategy
  • Systems and data sources to integrate seamlessly to ensure that relevant data is available to the decision process
  • Different product areas / business units to have their own configuration yet common components can be shared
  • Support for multiple input channels such as internet and smart phones with applications being processed on-line or in batch
  • Multiple credit bureaux to be accessed
  • A simple but powerful scripting language that allows the creation of the most complex algorithms
  • Interactive testing and simulators to ensure rapid deployment of strategies

Imagine a world where the business user manages and maintains the credit strategy, where systems and data sources integrate seamlessly to ensure that relevant data is available to the decision process, where data from multiple credit bureaux can be accessed. Imagine no longer, next generation decisioning has arrived.

DecisionStrategy's graphical user interface allows a process flow to be developed specifically to match the lender's desired decisioning framework and strategy. Scorecards, policy rules, terms of business and when to request data from internal or external sources including credit bureaux can all be configured by the business user in a point and click solution.

To simplify things further, a multi-level parameter system allows the strategy to be amended by changing parameter values rather than software code thereby allowing simple changes to be introduced swiftly to suit differing business requirements. The multi-level framework allows for multiple sets of parameters with defaults that can be flexed conditionally based upon differing business requirements such as products, source of business etc.

The Strategy Control System is functionality rich with configurable components which include:

  • Use of multiple scorecards
  • Conditional decision logic
  • Policy and decline rules
  • Terms of business calculations
  • Affordability assessment routines
  • Champion/challenger functionality
  • Repository for multiple encrypted strategy configurations
  • Interactive testing
  • Comprehensive security and audit trail of individual changes

Delivered as a software or managed solution, DecisionStrategy caters for all your decisioning needs as well as supporting key business processes including Application Processing


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  • Drag and drop interface
  • Decision tree segmentation
  • Powerful criteria generation
  • Customer and/or product level decisioning
  • Multi-level parameterisation


Enhanced functionality includes:

  • Duplicate checking
  • Data capture and display
  • Scorecards
  • Independent bureau viewer
  • Status management

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