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Data Gateway

Data Gateway

The Data Gateway is a unique data gathering solution that allows an organisation to retrieve multiple data sets through one standardised interface to help improve credit decisions.

Today, most financial lending organisations face challenges around accessing data from external 3rd parties.  Improving credit decisions as a result of accessing additional datasets provides clear business benefits, however the operational integration of multiple data sources is often expensive and resource intensive.

These challenges are intensified further when the organisation operates in B2B & B2C lending or across multiple geographical locations. With the Data Gateway solution these challenges can be easily handled through a cost effective and single strategic data retrieval tool that decreases the time to market and allows the business to operate in a more risk controlled environment.

Presenting relevant, timely and accurate data to the decision process is crucial if the right decisions are to be made and Data Gateway achieves this through seamless integration with multiple data sources.

DecisionMetrics has utilised its experience in credit risk decisioning services and external data usage, combined with internally developed leading edge decisioning software to produce the Data Gateway. This is a truly advanced solution that allows a lender to integrate multiple data sources through one standard data interface. The utilisation of modules within the Data Gateway add intelligence to the retrieved data, empowering lenders to make the right decisions.

A Strategy Control System puts full control of the data access calls, including logic to automatically conditionally search multiple credit bureaux when the preferred data source returns limited data or is unavailable – enabling the organisation to continually maintain their operations up time and improve their credit decisioning data.

Irrespective of the preferred external data supplier, Data Gateway will help to ensure that a lender's operational costs are kept to a minimum as instead of maintaining multiple links to external data sources, a lender needs only to maintain one interface to the Data Gateway which itself maintains the links to the data providers.

The solution provides a range of business, operational and technical advantages for our clients and can be deployed either directly within a client’s environment or as Software as a Service (SAAS).

Ask us anything about Data Gateway and how we can help your business. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts.

Data Gateway


  • Data source independence
  • Re-use recent enquiries
  • Only maintain one standardised interface
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to implement

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