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Credit Scoring

Credit Scoring

DecisionMetrics analysts have many years experience of developing scorecards across the full credit life cycle, from response models and origination through to customer management, churn and collections.

Our approach is based on working closely with clients to understand their requirements and specific circumstances.  We recognise that the scorecard is but one component of the decision process, utilised alongside policy rules and credit strategies and therefore it is important to take into consideration its integration into the whole decision process to ensure the scorecards are fit for purpose.

DecisionMetrics offer as standard: 

  • Dual Inference - In the world of credit scoring the term ‘Inference’ is almost always preceded by the word Reject.  Whilst Reject Inference is a key component of a scorecard development, it is not the only area where Inference techniques are required.  For certain products it is vitally important to additionally consider the quality of the Not Taken Up applications (NTUs).  These applicants can represent a significant proportion of all accepts and as such, given they meet the acceptance criteria, they should be properly considered within the development project.  Their inclusion allows an assessment to be made of the quality of this ‘lost’ business and presents opportunities for reducing the NTU rate.
  • As an alternative to Inference, we also offer the option of using an Outcome Retro (additional Retro extracted at the Outcome point).  The Outcome Retro enables the known performance on any relevant account opened by the applicant subsequent to the Observation Point to be identified and used in preference to the typical inference process.  Where no accounts have been taken out subsequently, performance is inferred as normal.
  • Three levels of validation - ‘Hold-out’ and ‘Out of time’ to improve predictions and ‘Recent’ to understand any applicant profile changes that might affect score cut-off strategy.
  • In addition, we can offer an optional review of your current set of credit risk policy rules, to assess the interaction with the new scorecard and impact on the whole decisioning process.

We can develop scorecards using data from the summary blocks of any of the major credit bureaux as well as bureau independent multi-bureau scorecards using characteristics generated from raw bureau data.

For new start lenders or new product launches, we have a suite of scoring solutions that can be deployed quickly.  

Ask us anything about credit scoring and how we can help your business. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts.

Key features

  • Scoring support for the full credit lifecycle
  • We don’t look at a scorecard in isolation to other elements of the decisioning process
  • We have experience of all three major Credit Reference Agencies and are the leaders in Multi-bureau scorecard development
  • We can rapidly deploy generic models

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