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Software Solutions

No software product on the market could support our multi-bureau solutions - so we built our own!

DecisionMetrics provide software systems to implement analytical and decisioning solutions and have a team of UK based software engineers, all of whom have significant experience in designing and building credit risk systems.

DecisionMetrics are experts in credit decisioning and build decisioning experience into every product. This means that not only do we listen to the client's requirements, we also offer advice on best use of scorecards, policy rules and affordability measures and how they could be configured as part of an overall credit strategy.

The net result is that our products should contain all of the functionality you require as standard.  

A great example is DecisionMetrics’ on-line multi-bureau implementation software that contains everything required to maximise the benefits of a multi-bureau strategy.  De-duplicating multiple credit reports to produce a single consolidated report that can be used to enhance a lender’s credit strategy is standard functionality. As is the creation of a bureau independent coded block designed to remove the reliance on a single credit bureau by enabling the creation of bureau independent scorecards and credit policy.

Our development approach is to produce flexible solutions that can be maintained and managed by the client’s credit risk personnel and that simply need to be configured rather than writing bespoke code. 

Our software standards are as follows:

Language – C#
Platform – Windows
Data Storage – SQL or Oracle
Interface Technologies & Protocols – SOAP/XML (Web Services), TCP/IP, LU6.2, MQ

Our current software solutions include:

Ask us anything about our software solutions and how we can help your business.
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Key features

  • Our developers have extensive credit systems experience
  • Our solutions are scalable, processing millions of transactions
  • Our solutions are designed to be managed, once live, by the business not IT

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